COCO BABY- Chocolate Coconut Cups
COCO BABY- Chocolate Coconut Cups
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COCO BABY- Chocolate Coconut Cups

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Chocolate. Have I said enough? Coconut. Must I continue? Here my friends, we have united these two for a union no man can put asunder. Dramatic? Maybe. But the taste? A union for life. Meet our new chocolate & coconut cups. Lightly sweetened dark chocolate speckled with plenty of fresh coconut. Enjoy one, or maybe even two.

Please note all orders are handmade and made to order. Please allow a maximum of 48 hours for processing and handling prior to shipping.

Ingredients: Organic coconut, organic cacao, organic coconut sugar, organic vanilla, sea salt.

HV PRO TIP: Keep your cups frozen until ready to eat and eat them straight from the freezer!

P.S. We want you to know your money is at work with us. Project Bake by Healthy Vibes, is a project funded through Healthy Vibes' proceeds. Our main mission is to give back and we strive to single-handedly give back to the most needy families in West Africa. Our goal is to supply them with goods to help them create and eventually sustain healthier lifestyles. We specifically donate food, clean water, and other essentials to families in need. Feel just as good about this purchase, as we do.