COCO BABY- Chocolate Coconut Cups
COCO BABY- Chocolate Coconut Cups
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COCO BABY- Chocolate Coconut Cups

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Chocolate. Have I said enough? Coconut. Must I continue? Here my friends, we have united these two for a union no man can put asunder. Dramatic? Maybe. But the taste? A union for life. Meet our new chocolate & coconut cups. Lightly sweetened dark chocolate speckled with plenty of fresh coconut. Enjoy one, or maybe even two.

Please note all orders are handmade and made to order. Please allow a maximum of 48 hours for processing and handling prior to shipping.

Ingredients: Organic coconut, organic cacao, organic coconut sugar, organic vanilla, sea salt.

HV PRO TIP: Keep your cups frozen until ready to eat and eat them straight from the freezer!

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