Sustainability Is A Vibe.

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  What does sustainability actually mean to you? Is it a cool trend you see on Instagram with a hashtag or is it possibly something you see labeled on the back of your food products? Is sustainability a term that is used solely in large corporations or can you do it in your house? I really wanted to hop on here and talk to you guys about what sustainability means to me, and what it means to Healthy Vibes. When I was doing my master’s, we took a course about corporate social responsibility, which we abbreviated into CSR. The book definition defines this term as a self-regulating business model which forces companies to be held accountable to either their consumers and or stakeholders. Although I etched this definition in my head (may or may not have been thirty minutes prior to exam time), it was important for me to have my own take on it. After taking time to really evaluate the definition, I was able to sum it up as a nice and bougie term for owning up to your sh*t. Now, now, how could I hold other money loving and wonderful companies responsible for not owning up to their sh*t, if I wasn’t owning up to mine? One of the biggest propellers behind Healthy Vibes has always been accountability and transparency (even before it was a hashtag). My goal was to make people feel like they were receiving products/services from a friend, not some giant corporation which makes you feel like just another body receiving another order number. I touch every single product that ships out, and I subsequently inspect every single order. If I wouldn’t eat it or use it, guess what? It doesn’t get shipped out to you. I wouldn’t ship trash products to my friends or family, so why would I ship them to you? I have worked overtime to make sure that we are using quality products that I would feel comfortable feeding my own family, with limited product wastes, but  our idea of sustainability doesn’t just stop there.


In 2015, When I was creating Healthy Vibes, I asked my mom how cool it would be if I could create a company that when people purchased, they knew they were doing good. Not like a “we say we’re going to do this good”, but we actually do the damn thing good? Every time you purchase from Healthy Vibes, you are funding our mission, Project Bake, which is designed to help create more sustainable lives for children in West Africa, specifically, Nigeria. With your help and God’s abundance, we have been able to provide children with school supplies, clean water, food, and kid friendly entertainment. Although that is fabulous and double high five worthy, I am on the quest to do more. On November 8th, we will be launching our “Love Bowls”; ethically and sustainably created coconut bowls, which will help support, our Project Bake mission by helping to contribute even more funds to assist with our sustainable intiatives. These limited time bowls will go on sale November 8that 5pm. Not only will these bowls make you feel cool because they’re totally instagrammable, but when you eat out of them, you will remember you are doing a damn good thing. Continue to spread love, and God bless every one of ya!


Sending Good Vibes Always,


Angelle, HV




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