Our Top Ten Tips For Cleaning Up Your Trashy Diet

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Okay, so I get it. Long hours at the office, late nights in the library, sick kids, piling expenses, parties to attend, hot dates; with everything you have going on, you just don't have time to eat or be healthy. It's a lot of work, maybe too much work, and possibly not what you signed up for. How will you be able to make the necessary changes without cutting into everything you love; i.e. chocolate, wine, Netflix & chills, cookies, pizza, chocolate, and did I forget to mention chocolate? The point is, it is doable, and if I can do it, so can you my friends! The bad news is that it won't be easy, and the good news is that it won't be easy (*inserts confused face). They say anything worth having doesn't come easy, well I don't have a banging bod nor do I have a million dollars in my bank account, and it's still not easy, so what's the truth? The point I am trying to make is that, I've been there, done that and while it won't be easy, it will surely be worth it. So since we are best friends, why not share my best-est tips? The tips that have helped me, and hopefully will help you too. Let's get started.



1. Opt for more fruit, and less sweets: Listen, ya girl has a sweet tooth and I am not ashamed to say it. First name: sweet, last name: tooth. In my quest to curb my sweet tooth I find that opting for fruit instead of sugary treats satiates my cravings and also reduces post sugar induced guilt. 


2. Drag your best friend along: It's not easy! And ya know that! Hence you reading tips to get your s*** together and quick! Employ your best buddy to help you collect the shambles! Heading to the gym, or starting a clean diet with a friend will not only help you with accountability, but will also in theory, help keep you on track, emphasis on the theory.


3. Water Me: Just like your grandma's favorite plant, you too my friend, need water. The good news is that 98% of you currently reading this do not live in the Sahara Dessert, making your access to water slightly more obtainable. If you have access to water, why aren't you drinking more of it? Adding more water to your daily routine will keep you and your skin hydrated, energy levels boosted and looking luscious, and Who doesn't want to look luscious? 


4. Say no to pop: Before you get nervous, no, not the genre of music, I mean Soda. First and foremost, what kind of person do you think I would be to tell you not to bump that early 2000's N'SYNC album?! Secondly, soda, yes, I said soda. If you're like many people who just have to have that carbonation in their life, opt for healthier alternatives such as flavored sparkling or one of my favorites, kombucha.


5. Go outside on your lunch break: This may seem like a slightly odd tip, but trust me it helps. Leaving to go outside after being cooped up for the past four hours can help you gain some mental clarity, as well as subconsciously changing your mindset before you are forced to return back to reality.


6. Substitute Brown For White: Think brown. Many times white flour, and white rice tend to be more processed, refined and stripped of nutrients your body is seriously needing. Next time you are shopping or eating out, select brown grains such as brown rices, and brown flours.


7. Drink Warm lemon water first thing in the A.M. : One of the best things you can do for yourself is start the day off with a healthy habit to put you in the mindset that you are doing healthy things...even if you are not. Keep reversing that psychology by starting off the morning with warm lemon water. Add half a lemon to about 500ml of water and chug that sh*t. This will help to increase metabolism, and aid in better digestion throughout the rest of the day. 


8. Spice things up: You don't have to reinvent the wheel (is that how the saying goes? Not sure, but just go with it, okay?) Spice things up by making old and boring veggies taste new again by cooking them in different spices and or using different preparation methods. For instance, if you are used to eating plain green beans in plain salt and pepper, consider sautéing them in garlic and pepper, and you may be surprised with the result. 


9. Love Yourself: Take some time to you, for you. You really owe it to yourself, and I am sure it is much needed. By picking up a new hobby, making time for a yoga class, getting a massage, reading your favorite book, simply sitting peacefully by your favorite scented candle, you are loving yourself. Remember that self care, is a form of you simply loving on you. 


10. UNPLUG: Out of all of my tips, this one may be one of the most important. There is a world that exists outside of e-mails, work, social media, television, phone calls and everything in between. Sometimes when you log online, you don't want to see Cheryl's new 2050 luxury vehicle, reminding you that life sometime's isn't fair. Sometimes you don't want to see Bill's new 25 speed yacht on the top of your feed, reminding you about the promotion you didn't get this year. Sometimes, you just have to disconnect, and remember that your primary focus is you. You, you, you, and sometimes it's okay to be selfish and disconnect when needed. 


I hope you all enjoyed my tips and actually will put some to use! If you do make sure to comment below and let us know your favorite tips, or any others you may use! Remember that your health is compromised of your mind, body and spirit. Let's get all three of those right!

Sending good vibes always.

Angie, HV.


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    All good tips! I can substitute the white for brown rice for sure!

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